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June 7, 2014


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 Garmadon was in his office looking over some maps of Ninjago when the door opened. Gwaner came in Smiling whickedly.
 "What do you want, I'm busy!" Garmadon shout. Gwaner chuckled.
 "Pythor is now under our control. I sent him out to fetch Rose for me." Gwaner said.
 "Are you sure this is a good idea. What if she get suspicious." Garmadon questioned.
 "Don't worry, he won't act any different than he usually does. If she does notice anything different she wouldn't never hurt him. It's the perfect plan." Gwaner reassured.
 "If you say so." Garmadon said.

 "So all we need to do is make sure Garmadon and Gwaner is away from Pythor. We distract them while Skales and Violet go get Pythor." Rose explained. The generals nodded in agreement.
 "Alright! Lets go save Pythor!" Violet said.
 "You don't have to do that. I'm alright." The generals turned around to see said that. Their eyes widened when they saw Pythor right before their eyes.
 "Pythor!" Rose yelled as she jumped up and hugged Pythor. Violet pulled her away.
 "Wait Rose, how do we know this is Pythor and not Gwaner." Violet said.
 "If I was Gwaner, then how was I able to find this place." Pythor said.
 "He has a point." Skales said.
 "Wait, then how did you get away?" Fangtom asked.
 "Gwaner made a mistake in putting Garmadon in charge of tying me." Pythor said as he held up some ropes. Rose smiled and hugged him again.
 "I'm so happy your here. I don't know what I'll do without you!" She said with tears in her eyes.
 "We must make a plan in case Pythor or anyone else gets kidnapped again." Violet said.
 "Good idea. Why don't we seperate into groups of two. The more ideas the better the plan." Pythor said.
 "Great idea. You go with Rose. The rest of us can discuss our own plan. You two need more time together." Violet said.
 "Great! Lets go Rose." Pythor said. Once they were far enough Violet turned to the generals.
 "We must follow them." She said.
 "Why?" Asked Acidicus.
 "There's something going on, I can feel it." She answered.
 "How are we without them noticing us?" Skales asked.
 "We'll climb the trees." Violet said. Skalidor widened his eyes.
 "I-I'm don't do very well climbing trees." He stuttered.
 "We're all doing this." Violet said.
 Once they caught up they stopped to listened. They saw Pythor look back and smiled.
 "So where do we sta-." Rose stop speaking as Pythor wrapped his tail around her.
 "Pythor what are you doing!" Rose asked. Pythor smiled as he put a knife up to her neck.
 "You're mine." He said. His scales turned purple to black.
 "You're coming with m-"
 "What the..." Pythor said as he moved the knife away from Rose's neck. She bit Pythor and ran away as he removed his tail. He was about to follow when the branch Skalidor was on snapped.
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